Advanced features in Monator: NOTIFICATION OF ABSENT EMPLOYEES & How it works!

March 20, 2019

Dear Customers,
One of our main goals is to provide you with the best experience and advanced features of employee tracking. Today, we are announcing new advanced technology that comes with Monator - Access Monitor Data Manager!

Accuracy in managing employee time and attendance remains one of the important everyday activities and a key to business success. At the first sight, it seems easy to track the attendance, but how to get data approved on time and ensuring its accuracy?

Now you can use all the benefits of tracking employee attendance with expanded Monator Notifications about absent employees. How does it work?

First of all, you need to set up the tracking goals that need to be addressed to you. For example, define the day when you want to receive a letter with detailed information about absent employees or those who didn't come in the required time.
An additional option allows you to select several e-mail addresses where you'd like to receive notifications about absent employees.


  1. Head over to the Monator settings tab:
  2. Specify needed mailbox(es) in the <Email> field.
  3. Choose the control time in the <Time> field. Employees who do not come in the required time will be added to the notification report.
  4. After that make sure, that you enabled <Use Notify> field.
  5. Save all changes by clicking at <Save>.


  1. Head over to the Monator settings tab:
  2. Disable your changes the <Use Notify> field.
  3. Save all changes by clicking at <Save>.

Summing up

Employers must follow requirements related to tracking time and attendance. Monator is the best employee attendance tracking system with all technologies that allow you to run the successful business and always be aware who is productive and who need to work more intensive. Integration of Access Monitor Data Manager "Monator" is the right step to efficiency!

If you have any additional questions, please contact our technical support team by this email -