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We provide unique IoT solution, consisting of access control hardware and cloud service. Thus you can easily control access to any room, just sitting in front of PC. We did our best to provide the highest level of security, to ensure that our customers are in safe.

Grant or deny access to specific persons, identifying them by:

- RFID card

- NFC-enabled smartphone

- Fingerprint

- Numeric code

All warnings and faults are immediately reported to you by email.

You can monitor time when a specific person came in or out, how long it was present or absent in particular room.

Real time access control system that consists of:

- Cloud service

- Unlimited number of access control devices

- Access data registrar

About Us

Monator - unique IoT solution with the highest level of security and quality! Monator tracks everyone entering your space, identifying them by: RFID card, NFC-enabled smartphone, Fingerprint or Numeric code. Advanced analytics measure productivity, track attendance, ensure safe usage on the web and more worth trying out!

Lots of ways for person identification

You can have as much access devices, as you wish

Only security-enabled protocols used to keep your data in safe

Proven technologies used to ensure system reliability

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Our team protects your facilities requiring security, sensitive data and networks. We ensure our customers get helpful assistance and are being treated respectfully. For more information about the product or appeared technical troubleshooting, please contact our customer support service or phone to have a one-to-one talk.

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  • Contact email: support@dct.ua
  • Web-site: monator.net